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Kickstart Your Freelance Career

When first starting out on Upwork, it can seem overwhelming to get through all the setup steps, and successfully find and complete your first freelance projects.

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Training Modules

Online training to be a better Upwork freelancer coming soon.


Get started with an overview of Upwork, and get to know more about your instructors.

Setting Up Your Upwork Account

Start off right with your Upwork account set-up.  Find out what clients look for in your Upwork profile.

Searching For Jobs

There are many options for finding jobs on Upwork.  Know what red flags to look for when considering jobs.

Applying for Jobs

Learn how to prepare your winning proposal and strategies for bidding on jobs.  Learn how clients review proposals.

Getting to Work

From reviewing job offers, to understanding the payment terms, get ready to get to work and get paid.

Building Success

It takes more than one job offer to be a successful freelancer.  Understand the statistics reported by Upwork, and what they mean for your account.

Sample Upwork Clients

"This project had a very short turnaround time, and Jessica met the deadline while also keeping me appraised of her progress. The work was very good with only minimal changes needed before I sent to the customer. I'd hire her again if I need someone else to help with some instructional design work."
Upwork Client
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"Wow, Jessica is a true gem. She provided direction to our team so that we could successfully complete a project internally. She was professional and very helpful. I would hire her again in a flash. Thank you Jessica!"
Upwork Client
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Jessica Grieves
Upwork Freelancer

Jessica Grieves

In February 2020, I left my corporate job and jumped into freelancing full-time.  I earned over $100k in my first 12 months on Upwork.  It took trial-and-error, and lots of research to figure out what worked.  Now I’ll share those tips with you.

Jay Grieves
Upwork Hiring Manger

Jay Grieves

Jay has hired over 225 freelancers on Upwork and has over $300k in spending.  He’ll be weighing in on the client perspective when it comes to hiring on Upwork. 

Our Instructors

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